10 Items you can personalize for the hen party

A hens party is the second most important event for a bride after the wedding. It has to be special and memorable not only for the bride but also for everyone who has attended it. The best way to make it unique and impressive is including personalized items. You can find many hens night ideas in Melbourne to make it theme based and enjoyable, but including personalized items will make it unforgettable. This helps you add the bride’s flavor and touch. Here are a few items you can personalize for a hen do. 


  • T-shirts and vests


This is an excellent way to make the party different from all others and make everyone feel included. Hens party is generally about shouting loud to the world about your special celebration. These t-shirts will do exactly the same for you. You can get the bride’s name, venue, even her picture on the t-shirts.


  • Party badges


This is a more economical way to make everyone feel included. These badges are great accessories for your dress. You can also mix and match badges with different colors and let the hens pick their favorite. If you send these badges to the hens before the party, it can serve as a great reminder for the party.


  • Pajamas


You can also choose a comfy and cute designed pajamas for personalized items. Hens can sport these pajamas in the main event or at the relaxing bonus after the party. These also serve as a wonderful keepsake. 


  • Sashes


Sashes make every hen stand out of the crowd. There is no hassle for the sizes. You can put them on with every dress and they are easy to slip on and off. All these reasons make them the most loved items for personalization for a hens do.


  • bags


It is a great idea to bid adieu to all the hens with a personalized bag full of gifts. Get a bag personalized with the bride’s name, date of the party, and venue. You can put thoughtful gifts and different treats.


  • Chocolates


You can include chocolates as a munching snack for the party or add them to the bags for thanking them for your coming for the party. These are tasty and most loved goodies which you can wrap in bright colors with personal elements on it.


  • Invitations


Invitations give you the maximum scope for personalization. You can choose everything including shape, color, size, and content according to the party theme and liking of the bride. These are great options to reflect the character of the bride and her wedding.


  • Stickers


If the bride-to-be likes it simple and sweet without any fuss, stickers are the best-personalized items. These can be added to every hen’s dress without overpowering their dress. Hens can also stick them to their luggage if you are planning days out.


  • Labels for wine bottles


Wines are perfect for the start, middle, and end of the hen party. You can personalize every bottle with a custom design label. These add glamour to the bottles and the party also.


  • Tote bags


If you are celebrating the hen do at the new location or as an outdoor event, a personalized tote bag to carry your belongings is perfect. It is practical, adds more fun and makes your luggage distinguished throughout your crazy outing.