Finally By Hazeline Taffe Is Released

Hazeline Taffe has created several albums of gospel music among other genres. The songs are about pain but they are also about change and hope. These songs bring a certain kind of upliftment of mind once you hear them. She is a Canadian citizen and had her own share of struggles and losses in her life. She started writing songs and expressed her sorrow and pain in her music after she lost her daughter.

Her gospel album

Hazeline Taffe’s album “Finally” released in 2018. The album consists of 10 tracks which are a combination of inspiration, hope, peace, comfort, praise, and worship songs. The album is full of humanitarian songs that speak of social suffering. It also emphasizes on how hope and faith can empower as during that is times of our lives. She expects her listeners to find inspiration and gain strength by listening to a song.

Pleasing sound with exceptional lyrics

The beautiful blend of music along with high-quality lyrics and vocals makes each of the songs perfect for the ear. All the songs are her own innovation and she dealt with it in a spectacular way. It is not only pleasing to the ears but the lyrics also have a lot of value in it. She is known to create wonders with her music.

The playlist of her album includes

  • Carry You Along
  • Because of You
  • We worship you
  • Hallowed be thy name
  • Finally
  • Oh Jehovah God
  • Til We Reach That Land
  • Whenever I Need You
  • You Are The One
  • I will Glorify Your Name

Popularity of songs

She writes to inspire and this is the main motive behind every song she writes. She looks forward to bring changes that belong to social, economic, and political. The songs in her albums span a range of genres from inspirational to humanitarian. Change is the basic constant in her songs. She started to write in a difficult time of her life and it expresses in her songs of this album.

You can listen to any digital music platforms

She hopes to uplift everyone with faith while going through similar struggles in life. Her music has reached millions of hearts and it is very well known as a great music album. You can listen to her album “Finally” on different on digital music platforms like Sound Cloud, Spotify. You can also check her website to know more about her personality visit