Lose Control by Marquette King

Have you listened to the new song Lose Control? If you are a person who loves listening to music all the time, then let me remind you that you have missed out on something worth listening to. It is a perfect mixture of hip hop and pop composed by a very passionate music maker Marquette King. Having worked as a professional NFL punter, he had always been very much keen and passionate about music since his childhood days, and Lose Control is a perfect example of his love for music. Launched on 16th November, 2018, this track has been streamed for more than 2, 00,000 times on Spotify alone and that too within two months of its release. Apart from the same, this song is also available on various social media as well as music sites along with YouTube.

Lose Control- A Perfect blend of Pop Hop

Lose Control is a perfect combination of hip hop and pop & dance music, has a good bass, and a very nice tempo as well. It has got amazing music that is perfect for changing your mood when you are sad and adds more to your happiness as well.  It would surely rewind and take you back to your younger days and gives a very positive vibe as well. Apart from it, the Professional Regular Guy adds a lot of melody to it, and collaborating it with Marquette King, makes this song an electrifying melody. The lyrics are way too good and you would appreciate the hard work and labor put by these two gems of the music industry to make it a huge success.  Once you listen to this song, you would surely get addicted to it and the energetic voice of Marquette King would always give you the feeling of listening to the song for the first time and you would never get bored of listening to it again and again. You may also follow Marquette King on

Why should you listen to Lose Control?

Since Lose Control, an amazing and the best composition of Marquette King has a perfect blend of pop as well as hip-hop, there are a lot of places where this track would be perfect goes well with the audience too. In case, if you are a gym freak, this would be a perfect workout anthem for you especially during the period of your intense workout session. Since Marquette King has been a renowned NFL punter representing Oakland Raiders and Denver Broncos, he knows very well how to make an energetic song for the gym lovers and fitness freaks.

Secondly, this song is equally good as a party song. You would not even believe that it is such a nice one ensuring that everyone present in the party gets to the dance floor and groove to the beats of Lose Control leaving their frustrations and tensions apart. The quality of production is also very good ensuring clear vocals along with the best beats to pump your adrenaline rush!

Last but not the least; Lose Control is a perfect one especially during these difficult times of pandemic. It is a short and energetic track with unique creativity. For more updates on the new releases, do follow Marquette King on too.