Palmyre Seraphin Guiding The Tips To Stay Motivated to Produce Good Music

Palmyre Seraphin is a musician with experience in this field of more than 20 years. She got the opportunity to refine her skills at a young age, and she has been making sure to give her best work to her listeners. A Christian Gospel Artist who sings primarily in French/Haitian Creole – Seraphin has built a name for herself in her former singing line with Gospel Singing. 

Recently Seraphin entered the English music industry. Not an entirely different line, but it has a more diverse fan base than her former line. Without even shaking her hands once, she released her English single “You better Know what time it is” and received applauding responses from the fans and other makers.

Seraphin firmly believes in staying motivated towards the work to give the best results. Her technique has inspired many others as well. After doing some digging, we have researched some tipis that Seraphin recommends for any music artist, emerging or well-known:

  1. Continually remind yourself great things don’t come easy

If you keep reassuring yourself with the right words, you’ll finally make peace that the grind, the hustle, and the sacrifices are part of the game. The least you can do is wake up every morning and remind yourself that “great things don’t come easy.” Since you’ve decided to ride this ride, there’s no going back.

  1. Remind yourself why you chose this path

You’ve chosen to be a music artist means you wanted this path. For example, you may have been selected to be a music artist in honor of your mother, father, or mentor. No one takes acting classes if they don’t plan to one day become professional actors.

  1. Consume motivational stories of other artists

When in need of motivation, find inspiring quotes and stories from colleagues that have made it in the industry. The beautiful thing about the music game is no one gets into the limelight served to them on a gold platter.

  1. Always go for the small steps instead of going for nothing

In a nutshell, go for the small steps if you can’t or aren’t yet ready for the significant actions. Remember, small steps are better than no steps. Three singles released over six months is better than zero EPs released in six months.

  1. Always be around like-minded people

Of course, every musician has their group of friends they vibe with – people you chill and hang out with. In other words, like-minded people — artists, musicians, or creators. What matters is you’re close to those who understand the struggle — people who have been there and done it. The real people you need, however, are those who share the same goals, dreams, and pursuits as you.

Take a Break

Finally, if all seems to fail, take a break from music. And maybe this time, you might be better equipped to go harder and better. And for the time being, you need to focus your mind on something other than music.


I never think it’s going to be easy. If that’s your expectation, then don’t make music. It’s probably going to be rough and tough. But when you seem to lack motivation, reflect on the points made in this post.