Practical options for Choosing a Recording Studio

If you are not alone or in a duo, know that if you plan to go to a studio of less than 20m2 you will be “sausage”. So take into account the size of the studio depending on the number you are, so as not to be limited.

Acoustic Treatment

Contrary to what many think, acoustic treatment is not only reserved for the recording studio. A rehearsal studio must be treated acoustically. Check that the studio has at least 2 to 4 acoustic panels minimum, distortion, absorption and diffusion panels, sound insulation to avoid interference of different sounds during your rehearsal. Check that each corner of the room is also equipped with an anti-reverberation filter. A well acoustically treated room guarantees optimal audio quality. In that case, music recording studio las vegas would be the right solution.

The Equipment

The question to ask is whether you are traveling with your instrument. If this is not the case, know that there are different types of rehearsal studio:

  • Boxes or studio microphones, which often do not contain any instrument or even a single instrument, often a drum set and a sound system or a classical piano.
  • Often it is artists alone or in duo who go there for musical composition.
  • Basic rehearsal studios: comprising at least a battery, two microphones or more and a sound system
  • Equipped studios: comprising a battery, a piano or synthesizers, a sound system, a mixer, microphones, bass amps and amplifiers acoustic guitar or solo guitar.
  • For musician fans of computer music, if you have a master keyboard, get a USB midi cable to connect it to the studio PA speakers. Approach the manager so that he helps you with the connections.

In any case always bring an external sound card and check with the studio beforehand because some do not provide the equipment directly but rent it in addition to the hourly cost of the studio.

Services offered:

Depending on the studios, different services can be offered:

Technical reception: help with installation, sound recording and balances with a sound engineer.

Supervision: in-depth work, adjustment of the sound and the mixing console, learning to optimize one’s time, basic notion in sound technique, musical data processing, learning to communicate with technicians during musical production.

Rental of Additional Equipment & Sale of Small Musical Equipment

Some studios only provide the bass drum, snare drum and Tom. You will therefore have to bring back your drum stands and your cymbals. If you forget these studios then rent theirs to you or offer them for sale.

These well-defined criteria, you can now go scouting and visit the studios that interest you the most. To do this, contact them and make an appointment. Studios are often overbooked and arriving unexpectedly will not ensure that you will meet someone directly. Win time. You can ask them for references of bands that record here or even which sound engineers miami fl work there, that’s also what makes a studio’s reputation.

All the big studios have a history but their prices often make them inaccessible to emerging artists. However if your budget allows it, give it a try. This can bring you marketing advantages but it can also strengthen your credibility with professionals in the music industry.