RX’s First Album Epilogue Just Released

RX has released his full album Epilogue. The emotional Indie-pop single “Reckless” has gained significant attention and is already famous among people. All the songs of the album have special meaning to it and it is completely personal. It’s his preference to create music that relates to life. He is known to be a great songwriter and his first album is produced by Roger Smith.

His first album

The album Epilogue is a blend of Indie-pop and rock. The sound is inspired by artists like John Mayer and Derek & the Dominos. It serves as a closure from a long-term breakup which ends it certainly in early in 2019. It is written in a span of 2 months and recorded within three weeks. His 15 years of experience in songwriting and collaborating with talented artists have finally culminated in this album.

Classical and electric sound with lyrics

The album has songs full of lyrical depth and vulnerability. His album has released a live stream online. His amazing talent in music is well integrated into the album that he has released. This full-length album has released after releasing a few singles. It is already gaining a lot of popularity after it has released. His sound can be best described as classical and electric. It comprises of intricate guitar parts in the model production of different brands. He is best known for his pure unique voice and skilled guitar playing.

About him

RX is a successful e Seattle-based artist. He is known for his voice and his guitar playing talent. His major influences in his music career include Eric Clapton, John Mayer, and James Bay. He has also performed at several notable venues. He has also toured with several acts. His music album features one of the best performances. His sense of music is always appreciated by a lot of people. He does not only create music but also leaves his special touch in it.

Listen to his music online

The album epilogue is available on Spotify and all other major platforms. You can follow him on Instagram or visit his website for more information You can collect regular details and updates about his next albums by following him online. You can listen to his music online and enjoy his wonderful creation. His single music videos have already gained him a lot of popularity. His first music album is also making him reach a lot of people.