The age of the streaming wars, and the rise of the B2B media platform “blintn”

Netflix made a huge investment in Shona Rhimes, a producer of “Bridgerton”, and released it  as their original series (photo : Netflix)

Now that streaming service have taken over the media industry, it’s harder to find those who don’t use any streaming service. I’m almost certain that even you’re already a subscriber to at least one streaming service as well.

And with the rise of streaming service industry, the demand for the content itself is exploding. In line with the explosive growth of the content industry, new kinds of media tech platforms are emerging.

A B2B platform called “blintn” is one of them.

Since it’s a B2B platform, you might not have heard of it. However, there are some interesting features in this platform that you might find useful.

If you work in the content industry, you know that several important factors must be considered before a content to be distributed to its intended audience, such as screenwriting, casting, pre-production, screening, and so on. Among these, blintn especially focuses on “production funding”.

No matter how good the content is, it can’t actually be produced if the production investment is not made. That’s why blintn operates a platform that connects outstanding production companies with global investment companies, helping quality content to be produced more effectively.

Various types of investors usually engage in content production investment, ranging from media investors such as streaming services, studios, broadcasting companies to financial investors such as venture capital, commercial bank, and cultural funds. And just as production company’s characteristics and needs vary, the investment company’s needs will differ depending on their characteristics. blintn focused on this matter, and started to provide high-quality curation service, by gathering data on these different characteristics and needs.

In fact, traditionally, the process of product investment in media content was done offline, which wasn’t very effective. Acquiring investment from investors abroad was even more difficult.  

Recognizing the problem, blintn launched a production funding platform to make global production funding system work effectively online.

This allowed the production company to raise funds from investors abroad who are more interested in their genre or content, while also allowing the investor to expand the range of their investment, building a satisfying investing portfolio, resulting in a positive synergy for both.

And blintn’s service don’t just work as a way to secure production investment. As a popularity of content has risen, many brands are marketing through content, and production placement is a representative example.

The scale of the production placement market is also increasing rapidly as the content industry grow. blintn also provides production placement platform that helps securing production costs in more diverse ways, as well helping brand marketers find content that maximizes their marketing impact.

The fact that innovation and improvements are emerging at a rapid rate even in the underground stages of the content we enjoy, suggests that the media industry is entering a golden era. I suggest you to keep a close eye on blintn’s growth along with the B2B market’s growth in the global media industry.