ZEE5’s Fixerr – Crime’s Got a New Face

At a time when loads of new web series are getting launched almost every day, there is a huge demand for exciting and thrilling crime drama series. Out of the numerous web series in the niche, the Fixerr on ZEE5 Original has become very popular.

A Fixer, if you don’t know, is someone who fixes matters and problems for others, especially those that are not easily fixed with legal help. In the context of the series, the fixer uses manipulation, machinations and less-than-legal tactics to make sure that justice is made in the matter. We also know fixers by other names, such as a specialist, a handyman or trouble-shooter.

The ZEE5 potboiler Fixerr is an extremely thrilling series, starring well-known TV actor Shabir Ahluwalia in the lead role, as the “Fixer”. He is the one who sets things in motion, making things possible and gets his hands dirty so the rich and affluent can keep their hands clean. Set in the heart of Mumbai, Fixerr is a truly innovative concept for Indian audiences and is a breath of fresh, but exciting air, for the viewers.

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Although Hollywood movies and many other TV shows are replete with such characters, this is the first time that a series based on such an intriguing and colorful career man has been launched for the Indian audience. Produced by the queen of silver screen Ekta Kapoor, Fixerr follows the doings of Jaiveer Malik, played by Shabir Ahluwalia, who starts out as a cop in Delhi Police but gets dishonorably discharged from the police force for allegedly killing the wife of a ruthless gangster in an encounter.

The Fixerrseries starts with an intense visual of Jaiveer being shot in the back while walking at night on a deserted, dark road in Mumbai. He is rushed to the hospital in time to save his life where his wife Kesar, played by the magnificent Mahie Gill, prays and cries for him to get better. The thrill continues with another attempt to kill Jaiveer even as he recovers in the hospital.

An impromptu flashback sets the tone for the beginning of the real story which is narrated in the dusky voice of Shabir Ahluwalia himself. The show perfectly captures the narrator breaking the fourth wall in a teasing, sultry manner and takes audiences on a whirlwind tour of his recent past.

We come to know how Jaiveer, a straight and honest police officer in the Delhi Police is stripped of his uniform and suspended disgracefully by DCP Sherawat, played by the impressive Tigmanshu Dhulia. DCP Sherawat, the self-described vulture seems hell-bent on sending off Jaiveer from the police force, apparently at the request of an influential politician Sinha, played by Ravi Kesar.

The plot continues to show a shrewd businessman Dalmia, played by Varun Badola, who after personally witnessing the impressive resourcefulness of Jaiveer, offers Jaiveer to become his fixer. Feeling humiliated and disillusioned after his unfair suspension from the police force, Jaiveer is lured by the promise of easy money and moves to Mumbai, despite protestations from his wife.

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Another interesting character, a woman in black, Jayanti (played by IshaKopikkar) is introduced soon and becomes Jaiveer’s partner in the problem fixing game. As the show continues on a thrilling path, we are introduced to new and interesting characters who come in his life.

As the Fixerr show moves forward and Jaiveer manages to “fix” every situation that crops up with aplomb, we are left in no doubt about the numerous enemies he makes in the way, including not only disgruntled competing businessman but also several underworld figures and even his own brother.

Fixerr is filled with thrilling suspense with a dash of straight-faced humor from Jaiveer which makes it an incredibly interesting watch. In addition, the long list of stars in the show make is definitely one of the most exciting web series on the internet today.