3 Mentalities to Keep as a Piano Player

Using the piano as a source of pride and enjoyment is something that many people share in common. There are so many good reasons for picking this up as a hobby. However, at some point, you might hit a slump. Here are a few things to think about if this happens to you.

1. Don’t Be a Perfectionist

Remember that playing an instrument such as the piano, for the most part, should be all about having fun. Sure, you might be vying for a college scholarship or operating as part of a professional organization, but you still need to be able to fiddle around while blowing off some steam. If you obsess over hitting each note correctly, you will never discover new ways to play or create songs you wouldn’t have otherwise. Some of the best compositions in history began as improvisations. In any case, you should let your hearing dictate when you are in need of piano tuning and repair West Covina CA.

2. Realize the Benefits of Playing an Instrument

Just like exercising or eating healthy foods, playing instruments has shown that there are a lot of great things about doing so. From a health standpoint, your mental faculties are sure to increase because the creativity and concentration required to string together songs take a lot of brainpower. This, in turn, can alleviate symptoms of anxiety and depression. You can also make friends by joining a local orchestra.

3. Show Off Your Talents

Even if you are playing for your own enjoyment, you should still show someone that you have a knack for tickling the ivories. That doesn’t mean you have to strive to throw a concert at Carnegie Hall. Even playing in front of a friend or family member can inspire you to train and hone your skills. You could consider taking lessons so that you have practice performing in front of at least one person.

Whether you play every day for years or you poke the keys with your index fingers every couple of months, there are no bad justifications for keeping the piano as a part of your life.