3 Tips for Unique Interior Design

When you come into someone’s home, their decor says a lot about them. It can tell you so much about their personality, their priorities and their habits. It’s difficult enough to keep your home looking neat and tidy, even harder to have a home that looks stylish and tasteful. If, however, you want to have a home that is extraordinary, that really wows visitors with its uniqueness, then you need to go an extra mile and get creative.


For starters, consider antiques Laurel MD or your area. Antique furniture and decor is a great way to get creative and find something truly unique. If everyone is ordering their flat-pack furniture from the same few providers, you’re going to see a lot of repetition in style and design. Antiques stores are great places to find the piece that no one else has.


Another option is to recycle or convert, not just old pieces but new pieces that bore you. Turn that bookshelf on its side and make it a sofa table, or transform an old, battered piece with paint and a little TLC.


The point is to express yourself, not with a same-y store-bought decorative item, but with something unique to you. Personalize and get creative. When someone comes into your home, you don’t just want them to be impressed, you want them to know whose home it is. They should be able to see you reflected in every aspect.

Bringing these three elements together is harder than you might think. It’s no simple matter to create a home that has a cohesive yet unique look that expresses your personality and wows visitors. Ultimately there is only one person you have to please: yourself and  your family. As long as you are happy with your home and happy with the way it looks, that’s all that really matters.