4 Hollywood Movies Every Movie Buff Should Watch

We all need a refresher of the list of lost artifacts of the film world or movies we should have experienced in case we didn’t. So if you love watching Hollywood movies, here’s a list of movies you shouldn’t miss out on. 


  • The Dark Knight


One of the finest movies ever made in Hollywood, The Dark Knight, undoubtedly holds the crown among The Batman Trilogy series.  The sequel to Batman Begins, the story brings our favorite superhero, Batman, face to face with Joker – Batman’s greatest nemesis. Just as Batman, the cop James Gordon (Gary Oldman), District Attorney Harvey Dent (Aaron Eckhart), are amidst their constant fight against the criminals, a maniacal Joker drags the Gotham city into complete chaos. Hollywood fans remember The Dark Knight full movie for Lt. Heath Ledger’s extraordinary performance as Joker.


  • Sherlock Holmes


Our favorite detective Sherlock Holmes and his friend Dr. Watson are back with new-found nemesis and actions that will take you all around England. The new Sherlock Holmes movie series starring Robert Downey Jr. as Sherlock Holmes and Jude Law as Dr. Watson has caught up a lot of attention and appreciation from the critiques as well as fans. Although the story is set in the 1890s, the film brings out a fresh look new generation can easily connect without losing the story’s old charms. This movie is a must-watch for the fans of Sherlock Holmes and Robert Downey Jr.


  • Drive


Most of us remember Ryan Gosling as charming Noah from the Notebook, but his character in Drive will make you fall in love with him just in a completely different way. Drive movie released in 2011 revolves around the life of stuntman and a getaway driver with no name played by Ryan Gosling, who always seen in a bomber jacket with a scorpion on the back. The movie is based on James Sallis’ crime fiction novel Drive from The Drive Series.

Ryan Gosling’s Drive will take you on a city drive with the mysterious driver who rather smartly loses the cops chasing the passengers in his cars who are thieves. The intriguing screenplay will keep you glued to your seats, eager to know what happens next.


  • Batman Returns


While Hollywood movies have no short of superhero stuff, there are only a handful of movies that are must-watch even if you are not a movie buff, and Batman Returns movie is one of them. The film is anything, unlike the other superhero sagas. Here our hero Batman is lost and terrified. But Danny DeVito’s Penguin has to be the peak of this movie, who is grotesque and repulsive, yet another damaged soul.

For people who love watching detective movies, you should add Knives Out movie to your watch-list. Starring Daniel Craig and Chris Evans Knives Out movie revolves around detective Benoit Blanc solving a murder mystery of a crime novelist Harlan Thrombey, sifting through his dysfunctional family to loyal staff.