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5 Factors to consider before choosing an event equipment rental company

We all have that one special moment that we wish to celebrate loud. Planning an event can get more exciting if you have the right sources and resources. A few essential things for every type of event include catering, equipment, and décor. You may have hired the best caterers, but if the chairs are uncomfortable to sit and the crockery is not up to mark, it wouldn’t leave a good impression.

You need AS table and chair rentals and the same company that also deals with catering equipment rentals. Look for such companies that are known in the market for handling various types of events with customer satisfaction.

5 Factors to follow before selecting an event equipment rental company:

  1. Understand your event:

What type of event are you planning? Is it a corporate event or a personal get together? Equipment and furniture may differ as per the type of event you are planning to organize. For instance, birthday parties may have trendy and colorful furniture. However, a formal corporate meeting or product launch event may need something classy and formal.

  1. Does the company have the right furniture?

You may have approached the best event equipment rental company but, they may not have all types of rental stuff you are looking for. Clarify before you proceed and discuss your event clearly with them.

  1. Inspect the quality of products and furniture:

It is critical that you personally visit their store and inspect the quality by yourself. Stained table covers, dirty chairs, and broken table support is a big NO for any event. You must get what you deserve after paying the expected fee by the company.

  1. Discuss the budget beforehand:

It would be wise to discuss the budget beforehand. Make a list of chairs and tables you need along with the other stuff on rental. Take their quote and come to a mutual negotiable amount. A reliable company may look pricey but, they offer you quality products and services.

  1. Transport and delivery:

Clarify if the company will deliver the products to the event site and if they will take care of the transport costs too. Most companies like AS table and chair rentals do as they have their in-house delivery vans and drivers. However, it would be wise to clarify everything before finalizing them on paper.