5 Oscar-nominated movies not to miss

Oscars – Hollywood’s greatest temple of glam – have appreciated many of the greatest movies from the land of Hollywood movies as well as across the world. While the awards have spread wider acknowledging the film creation over the years, the Academy Awards have still left a lot of genius movies out in the cold some without even a nod of the single nomination. 

With the latest ceremony of Academy Awards 2020, we have looked back and picked the greatest movies that were denied the winning or even the nominations. 

  1. Shawshank Redemption

Released in 1994, Shawshank Redemption movie received seven Academy Awards nominations. But that wasn’t the surprise to many that year and even years after, but the fact that this American classic didn’t win a single award. Frank Darabont’s drama that is still considered among the greatest films of all time vividly portrays corruption in the prison system, trustworthy friendships, and self-worth. The entire star cast delivered the intense performance with grace and ingenuity.


  1. Spider Man

Nominated for the two Oscar Awards in the technical category, Spider Man movie is considered the best among the “Spider-Man” trilogy. This spider origin story starring Tobey Maguire and Kirsten Dunst set the ground for the superhero movies for years to come. Surely many of us admire Peter Parker as Spider-Man as our favorite superhero. Of course, we can’t move forward without mentioning Willem Dafoe’s unsettling performance as Green Goblin.

  1. The Dark Knight

Best among the Batman trilogy released in 2009, The Dark Knight movie received eight Oscars nominations but sadly won only two that too for sound editing and posthumous honor for Heath Ledger who played the legendary role of Joker. But the true movie fans didn’t need Oscars’ nod to consider it as one of the finest made films ever. A decade after we still remember the performances, Christopher Nolan’s direction, and everything from effects to editing. Joker’s famous dialogue ‘Why so serious’ in Heath Ledger’s voice still lingers in our minds.  

  1. Drive

Ryan Gosling starring Drive released 2011 received a single Oscar nomination for sound editing but that led fans to break out on social media. Many to date argue that Drive movie deserved nominations for the best-supporting actress, cinematography, and the best picture. However, fans who love a good thriller and intense artistic experimental Hollywood movies, Drive is a must-watch.

  1. Knives Out

Released in November 2019, Knives Out took the Hollywood and the world-wide cinema by the fire but couldn’t warm the Academy Awards to get more than one nominations. For the film which has everything from an original screenplay, intense performances, genius direction and the dialogs and scenes that keep you constantly on the edge surely deserved nominations for the Best Picture, Best Direction, and Cinematography. However, it didn’t keep us from admiring the greatest creation of Hollywood that is Knives Out movie.

While we are following social distancing and staying home for our benefit make the most of your time and watch these best Hollywood movies at home.