5 times Nawab was a good brother to Lala

The year 2020 saw a huge deal of brotherhood on ALTBalaji. After Rama and Bhasskar from Mum Bhai left everyone teary-eyed with their bond, Nawab-Lala from Mai Hero Boll Raha Hu won hearts with their friendship in 2020. For the majority of the show, these two on-screen brothers have shared a strong connection. And hey, guess what? Out of the two, Nawab was the glue that held them together until one inevitable event came to light. 

Let’s look back at the times when Nawab has proven to be nothing but a great friend brother to Lala:

  1. He stayed by his side 

Lala was the first person he be-friended in Mumbai. Ever since the two of them have been inseparable. Not only did they conduct business together but also helped each other in times of need. It’s safe to say that Nawab and Lala were each other’s pillars of strength in the maddening world of crime. 

  1. He let Lala take the forefront 

Remember how Lala pulled Nawab down every time he tried to fly solo? Well, despite Lala’s cunning behaviour, he continued working under him. There were even times when Nawab stayed mum while Lala took the lead and proposed Nawab’s ideas to Mastan (*aw, poor guy!*) Well, what can we say? Kudos to Nawab’s patience!

  1. He took insults with a pinch of salt

Now, we are all equally well-versed about Lala’s game plan. He leaves no stones unturned to insult anyone (especially Nawab). When Lala referred to Nawab as a dog, he stayed calm. Neither did he fight Lala nor did he quit working for him. All he did was be a good friend and took everything he said with a pinch of salt. 

  1. He stayed calm after finding out Lala’s secret obsession with Laila 

No arguments nor insults could break Nawab and Lala’s brotherhood. However, their bond turned sour when they developed feelings for the same girl. Yes, you read that correctly. While Nawab fell head over heels in love with Laila, Lala happened to be drawn towards her at the same time. Despite knowing Lala’s obsession with her, Nawab stayed calm and decided to have an adult conversation with him. 

  1. He overlooked his mistakes 

Time and again, Nawab has accepted Lala’s flaws (for the sake of brotherhood!) His genuine respect and love for Lala compelled him to overlook his mistakes. But hey, all Lala did was backstab him and take him down at every chance he got! Akhir kyun, Lala! 

Lala and Nawab, a popular lead pair, are the heart and soul of this action web series. So, watch them in all the episodes of Mai Hero Boll Raha Hu streaming on ALTBalaji. Pay only 80 paise per day to catch their tale of brotherhood, betrayal and revenge. Jaldi karo!