Beginner to video editing? Few tips to set you off

Video editing has made advertisements, movies, vlogs and a lot more crisp and creative. Today anything that is being uploaded on the web has to make a pitstop on a photo editing tool or a video editing software. Even on social media, you might have seen small creatives and arts. Editing is not a quick process but it oozes out creativity. If you don’t believe there is a whole industry called “NFTs” which sells any edited photo, videos, movies and even a tweet for millions of dimes. So if you are a beginner, here is how you should start with video editing.

  1. Play with colours & filters: Today editing can be done within two minutes. Video maker apps come with in-build filters and essential editing tools. But you are also open to playing with colours even while you are using the filters. If you are a beginner it is highly advised to work around the editing tools to improve the colour quality of the video.

  2. Heard of rule 321? Well, it is crucial. There is always a probability of losing data at any time. Hence make three copies of your edits and store them in at least 2 different places. One could be your drive and the other could be your backup folder.

  3. Don’t fear the editing tools. Video editing tools at first may feel intimidating. But it’s alright, as you keep exploring them, it surely is going to be helpful in the long run.

  4. Select good music: Don’t just edit the visuals. Make sure you got your audio right. Upbeats, instrumentals, or anything else that you think would match with your video can be your background music to seek after. Moreover, keep your instincts in action because your video should build up emotions. Editing your videos on the beats of the music has been a trend for a while now. Adding transitions on beat drop can trigger excitement among the audience.

  5. Graphics & texts: Another vital aspect to consider. If you are looking forward to making a professional video, it’s important you have an intro and outro to it. This is where graphics and texts come into the picture. Remember it’s crucial to keep your texts aligned to the tone of the video.

  6. Get familiar with editing Jargon: The fundamentals are what has kept the universe en rapport. Similarly, the jargon and the vocabulary of editing is universal. Words like red-eye reduction, white balance, or speed of the video are familiar tools a beginner can play around with.
  1. Video crop app: This tool comes in handy when you have to highlight an object in the video. It can be also used to change the perspective in a scene of a video. A

To assist with your first video editing, you can jump onto the MontagePro app. Why? Because you get access to crucial features like cropping, trimming and even video filters & effects all under a free subscription. It’s your time to make your step towards your editing journey.