Best of the retirement Celebration

Retirement, whether yours, from someone in your family, or from a friend or colleague, is cause for celebration. If the person being honored is retiring for good or for a particular job, like the military, a party is certainly underway. Big or small, planned or surprise, a retirement celebration gives everyone the opportunity to recognize the retiree, congratulate him on his achievements, support his transition and enjoy each other’s company. No wonder that the retirement wishes and greetings will be the parts of the whole set of activities.

Wine tasting night

For a retiree who is a wine fan, or even a connoisseur, consider a wine tasting event. Rent a restaurant banquet room that is large enough to accommodate your guests. Before the retirement celebration, visit the restaurant to discover the wine list. Choose some wines to be tasted. For a good variety, choose 2 to 3 reds, 2 to 3 whites and 2 to 3 sparkling wines. If the restaurant offers local wines, take 1 or 2 too. Estimate the number of guests and buy enough that each person drinks about 3/4 of a bottle. For example, if you have 20 guests who drink, you should have approximately 15 bottles of wine. Although it is just a tasting, it must be ensured that everyone can do more than just taste the wine. Ask the restaurant if it is possible to hire bartenders to serve at night. This way, you can prevent the guests from helping themselves and let the wine run out soon. In addition, the bar or restaurant may have a legal need to provide a bartender or employee to serve the glasses. It can be made clear to everyone that additional drinks can be purchased from the bar or restaurant. Provide a selection of light snacks.

It’s cheaper to have a retirement party at someone’s house. Ask the guests to bring their favorite wine. Provide light snacks and many disposable cups to use for tasting. Everyone will have the opportunity to show off their favorite wine when celebrating the retirement of a friend or colleague.

Backyard BBQ

A backyard barbecue is always a great way to get people together to eat and drink. When having a barbecue in the backyard, whether at the home of the retiree or at a friend’s house, guests can bring meat to roast and drinks to share with everyone. In addition, the relaxed atmosphere removes the pressure of having to be tidy to go to a restaurant.

Make an exhibition of photos, videos or a presentation on the computer about the life and career of the person who is retiring. The more intimate environment is conducive to longer conversations and an opportunity to socialize and meet new people.

You can make the barbecue in the backyard a themed party. A Hawaiian-themed retirement party may have guests dressed in traditional Hawaiian shirts and hula skirts, as well as drinks, desserts and roast pork sandwiches.

Backyard games can also be incorporated into the celebration of retirement. Games like croqué or ring tossing can be played while other people are eating or talking.