Core Values of Billy Frank Behind “Make it Happen Productions.”

“MIHP develops new visual media solutions to translate brands and present tales that elicit favorable reactions. For years, major corporations, TV networks, and production companies have relied on our method to protect their reputations. The client experience is enhanced by making investments in the aspirations and lifestyles of our creative personnel. Media Dedicated to Humanity and Goals

An international provider of creative services, MIHP has won numerous awards. We strive to uphold a high level in the digital business thanks to their shared passion for discovering sustainable living. No matter what kind of specialist you require—consulting, development, series production, story, marketing & advertising, live-action, event production, or editorial—we promise to have the ideal creative answer.

The attention to quality personal interaction brings forth the unique talents of the MIHP’s team. Since its foundation, MIHP has cultivated a family environment, and the ongoing investment in the lives and dreams of its staff members is what separates them as a company and as individuals.

They go to great lengths to support their staff in cultivating their talents and abilities. Their hard work and dedication are the source and secret of their continued success. “We are who we are today because of our team’s competitive desire to win. Do what you do best!” says Billy.

Executive in Charge of Production Billy Frank and the staff of MIHP take pride in delivering excellence through creative solutions directed to entertainment and youth empowerment.

They work with nonprofits, County officials, cable networks, major networks, film studios, ad agencies, independents, top-tier talent, and global brands. 

Billy Frank recalls seeing numerous buddies playing for the high school baseball team as he crossed the baseball field during his first year in high school in Westwood, California. Billy was on his way to his after-school job, as were many young people from dysfunctional households. He was denied the chance to join the school squad. His father told him that he had to make ends meet. He could only thus “make ends meet” by playing baseball for Recreation & Parks teams.

While playing ball and not missing a single season since he was five years old, Billy was, eventually and surprisingly, invited to play ball for the World USA Maccabiah fast-pitch softball team. The Maccabiah Games, organized by the Maccabi World Union, was declared a “Regional Sport Event” by the International Olympic Committee in 1961. The Maccabiah Games are often referred to as the “Jewish Olympics.”

Many years later, Billy started his own company in the entertainment industry, Make it Happen Productions (MIHP).

Billy realized that playing highly competitive sports and running a business had many similarities; it’s a long and rigorous road, highly competitive, and treated like an important game. “Sports changed my life as a young kid and as an adult. It did the same for many people I know.”, Billy states in an online interview, before participating in the Maccabiah Games and being named starting Left Fielder in the  

2013 and 2017 Games in Israel. He feels blessed that he has played ball since an early age and still proudly owned MIHP since the late 90s.

Today, Billy has now competed in fast-pitch softball, aka Windmill Softball, for several years., has won championships in many highly competitive tournaments around the world, and MIHP is a sought-after creative service company, seen a great deal of success and proudly cares about every endeavor he and his team encounter.

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