“Fired Up” Cover By Gemtarra One Of Thing You Shouldn’t Miss

Whenever you hear rock music, there is always something unusual about it, i.e., metals. Indeed, the rock genre has its own kind of fan following and keeps you away from boredom.

Gemtarra is one such ladies’ rock band. Yes, you heard it right.

‘Fire Me up’ is definitely a track that you will listen on loop. Also it shows the true rock version of Gemtarra. It is one song that promisingly takes the band to the sky and shows the rich talents in the music industry. The specialty of this song is its breathable vocals that allow you to sing along. You will find that both vibe and upbeat are quite catchy.

Here is the link to the EP :

If you don’t know much about the Gemtarra, well, it is a rock band formed by twin sisters, Tina and Gina Cieri. It was 2018 when it was formed in Philadelphia. Previously, it was known by the name ‘Prima Donna’ that make them gained lots of attraction, and also their releases topped the music lists in many college radio stations. Presently, Tina and Gina work as guitarists and songwriters, respectively. They have other members too in their band. Here is their social media link to get them to know more :

‘Fired Up’ is worth listening because it is present in a well-orchestrated manner. It is a perfect rock ‘n’ roll gift to music lovers. Experience the electrifying atmosphere while playing this EP. Definitely, you will get hooked to the music and beats. Though the lyrics might appear messy, but the resonant voice control of Megan, the lead vocalist, can take you to another level. You will find harmonies and backups played professionally in this EP.

If you really want to hear some fantastic, fresh and raw voice, you should listen to ‘Fired Up.’ It will bring your old memories of rock days back. It’s a bomb that gets explode into your ears.

Don’t skip the impact!