Global Music Industry Buzzing with New Online Talent!

It doesn’t matter where in the world a musician is, whether he or she is singing Russian folk songs to Jazz in New Orleans it seems that today the talent is being pulled out of the hat at a rate we have never seen before. 

It doesn’t take much journalistic investigation to discover where these talents are coming from or why all of a sudden, we are seeing an increasing number of rising stars. Of course, it is the online music industry that is bring the talent to the public eye. 

Websites where musicians are able to submit music to blogs are now booming and alive with untapped talent waiting to be recognized by the general public. Of course, those with the most talent or those that are simply able to capture a certain niche within their music genre without having to be too talented, are at some point going to be picked out by a professional music company. 

Even Justin Bieber managed to find his way into popularity online via YouTube of all places. Another talent that was spotted online is Shawn Mendes who funnily enough became famous by reenacting Bieber’s ‘As Long As You Love Me’ song. He ended up with not just thousands or tens of thousands of fans, it was in fact millions of followers he harnessed. 

Adele is another one! She had to grind her way through MySpace to get recognized and it worked. Her first professional album remarkably went 4x Platinum in the US and UK. Not bad for a star recognized online!

Today of course, music companies do not need to wait for a star to attract millions of views on platforms like YouTube or MySpace because thanks to websites that allow musicians to submit their music for free, it is much easier to find up and coming talent!