Holi 2020: Festive delicacies everyone looks forward to

Holi has been the most widely celebrated Indian festival for ages.Right from the vibrant colors and Holi music to Holi sweets, this festival of colors is all about celebrating the diversity of colors and cultures.Interestingly, every region across the country brings its unique culture, custom, and delicious food. Just as every year, the festival is incomplete without the delicious Holi snacks. So, to make your Holi festival 2020 more special and memorable, we have curetted a list of Holi special snacks to enjoy with your friends and family.


  • Malpua


Holi is incomplete without this Malpua recipe. With the delightful mixture of all-purpose flour, sugar, and milk,this sweet is widely enjoyed on the day of Holi.If you are worried about all the sugar, you can use sugar-free agents and enjoy Malpuas all the same. To make Malpuas even more delicious, you can top it up with sweet khoya.



  • Gujiya


Aah, the delicious gujiyas! These deep-fried sweet and Holi celebrations go hand in hand and your Holi festival 2020 won’t be an exception. Made with khoya, semolina, dry fruits, and powdered sugar, the Gujiyarecipe is among the popular Holi snacks in India that will surely add a twist to your Holi delights.



  • PuranPoli


PuranPoliis a popular delicacy of Maharashtra and is considered essential for Holi celebrations. A mixture of lentils, jaggery, and cardamom powder is stuffed in wheat dough and rolled like parathas just like other Indian flatbread (roti. A generous dollop of ghee makes this delicacy a heavenly delight!



  • Moong dal kachauri


Just as its colors and customs Holi celebrations involve diverse tastes as well! With all the sugary delights, crunchy and spicey Moong Dal Kachauri is enjoyed in households all the same. Made with soaked moong dal sauteed with garam masala, black pepper, and coriander powder, Moong Dal Kachauri is served with spicy aloo curry and thandai especially prepared for this Indian festival.



  • Thandai


How can we forget Thandai – the most famous Holi custom? This chilled sweet milk with creamy texture is a perfect drink forthe Holi celebration in summers. Fill a glass with Thandai to the brim and top it up with nuts and spices like cardamom powder, fennel, rose petals, or poppy seeds. Amidst the zest of Holi celebration and all the chasing and dancing, a chilled Thandai is all you need to get recharged and resume your celebration for the day.

The delicious Holi snacks make this festival more special and enjoyable. Choose from these delicious Holi recipes and fill your Holi festival 2020 with the perfect traditional delights to enjoy with your friends and family.