How Bollywood fashion has an influence all over India

Bollywood has always been influential in India. Indian cinema is a major factor in the fashion statement in India. There are many other ways Bollywood has influenced us. Similarly, we as an audience have also influenced Bollywood. Cinemas highly value Hindi movie reviews from audiences. Reviews are popular among people who follow their celebrities’ movies and their culture. If any popular celebrity is on-street many people follow them or at least they want a selfie with them. So there is an immense fan following of celebrities and their stardom is huge. Actors such as Salman Khan, Shahrukh Khan, Aamir Khan, and few others have a huge fan base as the collection of their movies on the box office is enormous.

Considering their huge fan following, people have always followed Bollywood fashion. It might be new for some but fashion has been followed since its onset. Back in the days, Anarkali was a famous attire for women but it is still relevant in today’s times. Salman Khan’s hairstyle in Tere Naam was so popular that every local barber had a poster of the hairstyle. Millions in India have been influenced by the lifestyles of Bollywood actors. A large number of people tend to follow lifestyle news so that they could match up to their celebrities’ fashion sense. In a sense, cinema reflects reality. Many flaunt their dress if it is worn by someone famous on the screen. Often actors’ or actresses’ names are taken to give reference to their haircuts. This is the impact of Bollywood on the audience, thus we can say that Bollywood reel life has influenced people in real life.

However, currently many are more influenced by makeup, especially the ladies. Their preference for beauty news or tips come from their favorite actresses as they follow their celebrity-endorsed brands or if they are affiliated with a particular brand.

Several Tollywood celebrities also have immense influence and fan following such as Allu Arjun, Ram Charan, Prabhas, and many others. In addition to Kamal Hasan, Ranna Daggubati, etc, many others have had an impact on Bollywood and have been appreciated in the industry. Considering the fan following of Tollywood they have also been in the news every other day. Tollywood gossip is also trading as Bollywood updates. But the impact of both on the audience is huge.

In recent times, celebrities started wearing different colors and baggy clothes. It has started the trend among the people of wearing the same. Although fashion has evolved over the years, its influence and impact on people hasn’t changed a bit but has increased dramatically. It has also made several changes except for fashion. It is also promoting a fit lifestyle, as we see every other day celebrities going in and out of the gym. Thus, the concept of eating healthy and staying fit. Hence we can clearly state that Bollywood has the most influence on people’s lives.