Kyle’s New Album I Just Want To See The Sun Again Is A Hit

Kyle Oashu’s latest album I just want to see the sun again is very popular among people. All the songs of this album are poetic. He is known as a hip hop and rap artist. He is a South Carolina based music artist. He is known for his amazing work and the album which has released. All the songs of his album deserve some love and it needs to be appreciated for his amazing talent.

Songs of the album

The 6 versatile tracks of the album showcase his artistic merit and skill as a songwriter. The beats and the tones are different from each other and it sets different moods and atmosphere. The lyrics of the songs are self-reflective and real.


The opening track “Nimbus” gives us a great example of the subtleties that take place in the structures of the song. It is soothing and it shows a great execution of the multifaceted style of Kyle’s rapping style.

My grandma lives in heaven

The subsequent track “My grandma lives in heaven” is one of the best and the album and it presents the aura of the song with lyrical and story-telling capacity. The songs are very special in their own creation.

Kyle as an artist

Kyle details the journey towards self-discovery and love on his newly released album. The record is an intricate and intelligent album with all the songs that reflects his amazing talent. His style is far from typical and he is a thoughtful writer which is reflected in the lyrics of the song. He trades with general human emotions. He has a unique and vital presence in all his songs that have a story inside them. His vocal approach is not only effective but it brings a stylization of subtlety in the forefront. This album is deep and uplifting.

Pretty Little Monster

The song “Pretty Little Monster” gives more highlights to his mid-range vocal structures. It highlights the precision and technique in his songs. All his songs reflect a self-journey of loving yourself. It is a very inspirational album and it explores all the processes through which one can learn.

Listen online

I just want to see the sun again is one of the most popular albums in 2020. You can find all the songs of the album in Spotify, Apple Music, and other digital music streaming platforms. You can also connect with Kyle Oashu on Instagram; the link is You can get daily updates of his next upcoming albums.