Lost Time Traveler by Oh Well

Have you listened to the song “Lost Time Traveler”? If you haven’t and if you are a music lover, in that case, you have missed out on something truly amazing. This is a wonderful composition, with lyrics that would make you feel emotional and at the same time, trigger a glimmer of hope in you. Sung by Oh Well, this song is one of the most popular tracks in the market, and is available on different social media platforms. It’s available on Youtube, where you can listen to it. It’s basically a music video. It is the latest electronic single by Oh Well.

Lost time traveler: a beautiful rendition

This song is about a man, who wishes to go back in the past, and revisit his wonderful days. The want to fix all the mistakes which he had made in his life and start it all over again. This song depicts the story of every single individual; who regrets his acts and wants to fix them by going into the past. Things were simpler and easier when you were young! Weren’t they? This is the story of every one of us. How often do we wish to get back to those childhood days, or teenage days, when we had hardly anything to worry about! Not a care in the world! Could do whatever we wanted. Those were the days! Weren’t they? This is exactly what this song is all about. It is about a man, who misses his golden days, and wants to get back in time to cherish those moments.

Why you should listen to it?

As far as the lyrics of this song are concerned, it is going to move you. If you are a sensitive person, you would feel the passion and emotion that is hidden inside the song. There are so many ups and downs in the song, as far as its emotional elements are concerned. If you haven’t listened to it yet; make sure you do. You are missing out on something really very special! It is the lyrics of this song that makes it special. Every single word carries a meaning and would touch the deepest corner of your soul. It is a song, which is worth listening over and over again. As a matter of fact, in order to capture the true essence of it; you need to listen to it more than once. Every single time, you are going to discover something new about the song. Searching for it? Visit This is the link where you can find this incredible song.


When it comes to the music part, it is very touchy and contains notes and tune that would make you nostalgic. With a wonderful combination of mind blowing lyrics and highly enticing music, this song is sure to make you think about your past. There are chances that you might get highly emotional listening to this song. This is warning in advance! However, at times, it feels good to be nostalgic, thinking about your past. You can also visit to get access to this music video.