Marriage 101: The Love Language

Husbands and wives must understand everything and what’s happening in their marriage life. The love language quiz can help a future marriage or married couple understand and determine their act of love.

Determine the love language of your partner

Though some of these spouses may be similar in their love language, it is rare to find a spouse having the same love expressions. Here are the love language types that determine your act of love:

  1. Spouses who used endearments and normal expressing of sweet words in private and public places, it is called words of affirmation. It is the most common type of love language, even unmarried or in a relationship expresses this act of love. The most common words are I love you, I miss you, and some other sweet words, even calling the endearments at any place. It never fails to greet the spouse or girlfriend/boyfriend in the morning, before sleeping, and even saying to take care all the time. The love is felt and feelings of mixed emotions are present.
  2. Spouses who loved and value time together is another love language, which is called quality time. Spouses who usually spend more time together is meaningful. There is no other act of love that can beat this type of love language. Quality time may happen daily, weekly, or any chosen time of both spouses. For them, nothing values more than their time together. It commonly happened during anniversaries or even on an ordinary day. There must be given or time for them together and no one else.
  3. Another type of love language in marriage is gifts. Spouses express their love by giving gifts during special days and even ordinary days. It is their way of expressing their love, and giving it surprisingly adds a twist to it. Now, are you are surprising-type of spouse to your husband or wife? If so, then you belong here. But, the gift values the most than the price of the wrapped material. If you are the type of person who loves to give gifts as an act of love, then you belong here.
  4. Some spouses are not into gifting, sweet wordings, and don’t value time more than actions. Spouses who normally express their love through actions is what they called the actions of service love language. A simple chore in the house may not be that valuable to the other, but it matters a lot to you. It is your way of expressing love to your spouse. You don’t want her to feel more tired after work, so you choose to do the cooking even you are tired from work too.
  5. Physical touch. Did you know that some other spouses express their love through physical contact? They may not be sweet in words, showy on doing chores and works, but their love language is through physical touch. Spouses who proudly hold their husband or wife’s’ hand while walking in the public or even in private places are both considered a type of love language.

Now, which type of love language in your marriage life is practiced?