Must Have Items for Your Outdoor Wedding

Whether it’s at the beach or in a field, outdoor weddings require some extra planning.  While your venue is gorgeous, but it might be lacking a few items to keep your guests comfortable.  Here are a few must-have items for your outdoor wedding.


Let’s get the most unpleasant item out of the way first.  Your guests need a place to go but porta potties just aren’t classy enough for your wedding day.  Thankfully, there is an alternative.  You can rent restroom trailers for events to handle this necessity. Restroom trailers offer a modern style with exceptional cleanliness. They can easily be decorated to match your wedding theme. Your guests will love having such a comfortable place to go.

Weather Supplies

Keeping guests comfortable outdoors is far more challenging than in an indoor venue. Depending on the season, your supply needs may vary.  Summer is the most popular season for weddings.  If you’re getting married outdoors in the summer, provide sunscreen and fans for your guests. For the cooler months, provide heating lamps and blankets to ensure guests stay comfortable all night long.  Consider providing bug spray no matter the season to help guests keep away pesky gnats and mosquitoes.

Water Station

While most guests are more interested in the bar, providing water is a must for any outdoor wedding.  Your hydration station can provide more than just water for the guests.  You can offer custom labeled water bottles to add personalization to your big day.  Or you can offer fruit and herb-infused waters that match the colors of your wedding.  Either way, your guests will appreciate being able to stay hydrated.

Keeping your guests comfortable during your outdoor wedding is easy with a little planning.  Make sure you have these essentials covered early. Then you can focus on the details to make your big day special.