Overwatch: Talon Leaders

Talon is one of the most mysterious organizations among all in the Overwatch world. Nobody knows the reason why are they existing and which goals they are following. At least we could tell something about their leaders – Reaper and Moira. One is a brilliant genius that is willing to conquer the very rules of death and life, the second once was one of the brightest warriors of Overwatch, but after an accident, Moira brings him back to life, fully twisting his mind. Both of these heroes are awesome during any form of overwatch boosts, that is another reason for their popularity.

Moira – The Dark Messiah

There are a lot of terrifying rumors about huge laboratories that are filled with strange creatures, abominations, and ghosts who once walk on the earth. If these creatures will be released they will look only for one thing – for revenge for their cursed existence. There are even theories that Moira was one who was responsible for the creation of the cursed omnics, ones who were forced to start the infamous omnic crisis that divided the whole world and the time lane of this universe. The only thing that does not arise any questions is that Moira’s dark mind is full of genius ideas that could drive insane anyone besides her. Moira could be compared with any extremely educated villain, like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.

After years of hiding in Mercy’s shadow right now, Moira is no longer limited by morale and ethics and in the ranks of the Talon, she could do everything she wants. And god save you, if you will stand on her way, she will twist your entity and turn you into one of the many monsters that is hiding in the Talon’s shelters.

Reaper – The Spirit of Vengeance

Soldier: 24Gabriel Reyes, Reaper. These names are well known to everyone in the Overwatch. Former leader of the Overwatch, heroic organization was destined to create the antipode of OW – Talon, the terroristic organization that is following only it’s own, dark, goals.

Before the accident, he was more known as Gabriel Reyes, but his body and mind was transformed by the dark forces into the whole new entity that is now known as the Reaper. Moira’s experiment, Soldier: 24 was pulled from the hands of death with the corrupted and dark tools, his mind was so damaged with such close conversation with the death that now he is the ambassador of the Great Death in the Overwatch’s world. With the help of Moira, he was dragged back into the world of the living but the price for such action was too high, Reye’s cells now decaying and regenerating with the insane speed, cursing him with one, but inevitable curse – Immortality.

We still do not know why Reaper created the Talon, but according to his in-game description, he is offering the greatest gift to everyone who opposes him, the gift that cannot be offered to him – death. Who knows the true goals of this ghostly entity, but from now, every his victim falls fully drained like the very soul is being stolen from their bodies. He cannot be stopped and he always marching on, he is unstoppable like the real death and nothing could stay on his way.