Planning a Sweet Sixteen Spectacular

Sixteen is a significant age for American adolescents. Their new right to drive signals the imminent arrival of full adulthood. It’s also a time for parents to reflect on a child’s growing maturity, and to mark a new era in everyone’s lives, often with a party.

Creating the Theme

Given the special nature of turning 16, some families go all out for the occasion. Many girls have “sweet sixteen” parties, which can be quite fancy affairs with hundreds of guests. These typically feature various rituals, dance floors, DJs and elaborate cakes by professional caterers.

While such wedding-like events are mainly done for daughters, most Sweet Sixteen traditions can be adapted for sons. Fashion-themed aspects can be switched to sports, for instance, or the focus can be on something gender-neutral, such as music. Alternatively, you can go for something altogether more casual, such as a bonfire, backyard barbecue or multi-room house party.

Fixing the Venue

Once you’ve hammered out the details, you must decide where to have the festivities. If a party includes too many guests to host at home, or requires complicated prep work, you’ll need to arrange an alternate location. For summer celebrations, you may be able to accommodate everyone in your yard or some other outdoor area. In colder months, consider booking your neighborhood’s best restaurant, bar or banquet hall Campbell County KY for the big event.

Staging the Big Reveal

Unlike other birthday celebrations, the 16th has a clear main event; the first car. Consider creative ways of making your presentation. For example, someone could drive the unknown car to the party’s location and, when the time comes, publicly present the keys to the birthday boy or girl. This tack works best for new vehicles. For family hand-me-downs, most parents opt to hand over the car keys in a more private ceremony.

Parties are a fun way for parents and teens to honor the transition to childhood’s final phase. Show your kids you care by celebrating their 16th birthday in style.