Signs To Recognize A Good Cocktail Bar

Imagine, the evening is pleasant, you are in a cheerful mood, and hence you decide to go and grab a drink with your friends at a cocktail bar in your town. But what if the bar is nothing like you expected it to be? There is something about the place and the ambiance that puts down your whole cheerful mood and good vibes. Sometimes really delicious, expertly made cocktails can cost you some extra bucks and that’s okay if the bar deserves it. Well, here are the signs to look for in order to recognize a good Cocktail Bar:

  • How are the staff and the ambiance? Be it any bar or restaurant, a good ambiance and the staff are the keys to a well-recognized place. The ambiance should be such that it enlightens your mood and makes you feel relaxed at the same time. The staff should be polite and well-mannered. If in case, you are confused between which drink to choose, the staff should be able to help you with descriptions of the drinks or maybe recommending you their best drink.
  • Be judgemental when it comes to Martini- A good Martini is what completes a good cocktail bar. Even though it is kind of a tradition to ask- would you like your martini to be ‘shaken or stirred’, it should always be stirred! If the bartender serves you a shaken martini by default, never come back to that bar again. A good bar won’t ever serve you a watery martini for sure.
  • Do they serve drinks with fresh ice? Of course, a drink without ice is incomplete. There is always leftover ice in the shaker from the previous drink, but a new drink should be poured over fresh ice. Leftover ice is already melted and will not only spoil the taste of your drink but also won’t be able to keep your drink chilled for a long time.
  • How does the garnish look? Honestly, when you are paying for your expensive drink, everything should be perfect about it. Even though prepping the wedges, rounds, and strips of zest can be done a few hours before serving, the garnish should look fresh. At the end, a good drink should also look good.

With cocktail bars like Effervescence, all these good signs that you’re looking for, will be gracefully fulfilled.