SNOW Is The New EDM Hit

Electric Polar Bears is a Future Group household released their latest single SNOW. This single is known to be an EDM Masterpiece. The energized dance song reveals the daily motto which features with lyrics like “everywhere we go we like to make it snow”.

EDM special

Electric Polar Bears is an emerging future house group that was born out of the love for throwing an engaging party. They know how to bring energy to any room or pool deck. With the progressive blend of idiom sound and their funky tech-house, they are very popular among people. Their latest single track and the music video that they created share the joy and entertainment they had in Miami when the first saw the penguin. The song SNOW is a fiery Tech House heater. It is equipped with a strong beat and explosive accentuation at the breaks.

Incomparable music

This latest track ensures that the body temperatures will spike when snow streams to the speaker. The song of the Electric Polar Bears shows their capabilities that are accompanied by a spiritual vision. The viewers can glimpse into the production process of animated space in this electronic scene. You can watch the music video of snow and feel the beat of the music.

The Latest single

The latest future house tracks Snow is an energetic party song. There is an official music video that makes you feel nostalgic for the days of pool parties and shenanigans. It highlights the song’s classic house and steady beats. It is a certified toe-tapper and it makes one enjoy the song. The polar bear headed duo is gaining popularity with their recent hit “Break The Ice” reaching 850k views since it’s a debut. They are known for their blend of progressive EDM and funky house flavors.

Popular track

This is very popular in clubs and parties. One can grow up and dance to the song and enjoy every bit of it. The temperature of the song rises high once it is played in a room. The latest single is available on all major platforms. You can connect with them on Instagram to get details about their upcoming projects, the link is

Watch on YouTube

You can also watch the music video online on YouTube. The link is Check them out on social media platforms to know about them and their upcoming projects. Their growing success is leaving a mark on their works and their popularity.