Spotify and Your Best Options Available

The service does not officially work in The country, but this is not a hindrance. Learn how to register, download a client and subscribe cheaper.

What is Spotify and why is it popular?

Spotify is one of the first streaming music services. Now his audience totals more than 100 million people, and in the library more than 30 million musical compositions. The service is very popular and is available in many countries of the world. So is it a good idea to buy plays? You can know that and more there.

What is the secret of his success? Everything is simple here. The Spotify client is available on almost all devices, including game consoles, televisions, and stereo systems. And thanks to cross-platform, you can start listening to the track on the computer, and continue on the phone from the same place.

In addition, it is worth using the service for a while, and it will turn into the best friend, a music lover, who knows all your preferences and is happy to give advice on what to listen to. The recommendations work almost perfectly.

In addition, Spotify can offer quality playlists selected by curators and musicians, as well as personalized radio.

How to register with Spotify

Unfortunately, Spotify did not appear in The country, although it was close to this. For the service to work, you will have to use a VPN service , for example TunnelBear .

  1. Turn on the VPN and select any country where Spotify is officially available, for example, USA.
  2. Go to the official website of the service and click Get Spotify Free.
  3. Register an account by filling out a simple form. If you have a Facebook account, you can use it.
  4. Automatic loading of the client will immediately begin.

After registering a VPN account, you can disable it, however, after a couple of weeks, Spotify will begin to swear that you have been abroad for too long. Then turn on the VPN again and log in to your account.

How to download Spotify on Android

Officially, Spotify is not represented in the The countryn store, so you have to download the apk file . If you wish, you can get yourself a new account in another region, for example, in the USA or any other country where the service officially works. In this case, you can download the application directly from the Google store.

How to download Spotify on iOS

Apple is a little more complicated. Since you cannot install the application from third-party sources on iOS, you will have to create a new Apple ID and download the client from the store.

What is a premium subscription for?

It all depends on how you listen to music. If on the computer – there is no special meaning in the subscription. The desktop version has virtually no limits, unless you can choose the highest sound quality.

But on mobile devices, using the free version is not so comfortable:

  • The application has unobtrusive advertising.
  • You cannot select any song from an album or playlist.
  • You can skip only six songs per hour.
  • You cannot listen to music offline.

Limitations are not critical, but at the same time there is some confusion when using the service. Therefore, it’s logical to still subscribe to use Spotify to the fullest.