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The style of feature films and TV shows, which is quite popular among viewers. This genre includes films in which the viewer is afraid of what is happening on the screen, creates a sense of anxiety and uncertainty in him.

The Primary Features

 The main feature of a horror movie is the presence of fear caused by images, plot twists and other events on the screen. This emotional element can be embodied in different ways. It can be very real events or fantastic. In 123movies you can find the best deals.


The aspect of Classic Horror

In classic horror, as, indeed, in most other genres, the attention of the viewer is offered the struggle of some good and evil forces. In horror, this is most often expressed in a simple scheme that includes the victim and the executioner. Evil force can be a raging element, deviant deviations of a person, otherworldly forces and the like. The line at the same time can be quite vague, to determine where the enemy is, and where the friend happens and is impossible. In some horror films, the authors do not allow expressing and defining the victim and the executioner, simply stating the events that are taking place and not giving them an estimate. Scary films often end with a victory of evil over good, which is also a feature of the genre.

  • The formula for horror films, according to film critics, does not exist. On the website, you can see examples of series related to this genre to draw your conclusions. When viewing, you can make sure that the horror stories can be very diverse, there are no immutable attributes in them. In addition, horror films change over time. In particular, at the beginning of the last century, almost all horror films included monsters and supernatural creatures. Horror without monsters became quite popular in the forties of the nineteenth century.
  • A large number of films have appeared that cannot be attributed to horrors, despite the fact that monsters in the form of vampires, ghosts and other creatures are present in them. Ghost, for example, is a classic melodrama, not horror, and Ghost of Love also belongs to a completely different genre. Thus, horror films do not have their own formula, as well as certain plot lines that would uniquely characterize the work as a “horror movie”. Plots and heroes of horror may well borrow from melodramas, detective stories and other genres.

The First Films

The first horror films appeared in the late 1890s. Fantastic events can be added to the horror, described, for example, in the 1896 film “The Castle of the Devil” by Georges Méliès. In addition, the film used primitive special effects, which for that time was amazing and very interesting. Today, the creators of scary movies have honed their skills to perfection.