What is the prominence of zeptagram in music industry?

The music industry comprises of highly talented singers, composers, and various professionals. Music artists get compensation for their skills. However, the distribution rights are handled by a few large labels in the music industry. With the launch of zeptagram, music artists will be able to Buy Music Royalty Rights Online to individuals.  

Sweden based company 

The revolutionary product was launched by Sweden-based music experts Christina Löwenström & Johan Forsman Löwenström. Having worked with various music artists and composers, the two founders have understood music artists’ concerns. They developed Zeptagram to give music developers great power by enhancing the way music rights are distributed. Zeptagram has won the technology innovator award to develop the best music rights trading platform in 2020.

Distribution of music rights 

Zeptagram presents the best of three domains, i.e., music production & distribution, technology, and finance. Music artists can exercise greater control over the Intellectual Property (IP) rights on their talents. Instead of signing a contract with a large corporate, they will be able to sell the rights to individuals.

Music fans and music lovers can participate in the distribution process. They can invest in music and contribute to the growth of Music Stock Exchange Sweden. With the help of blockchain technologies, tokenized ids will be created for every share of IP rights. Zeptagram paves the way for the democratization of music publishing.

Availability on various platforms 

Zeptagram is available on various platforms, including web, android, and iOS. After installing the app on your phone, you should register to create an account. The KYC should be completed by providing an identity card issued by the local Government. Users from around the world will be able to participate in the music trade. Hence, Zeptagram works like an online music exchange.

Trading music rights 

The blockchain power tool launched by zeptagram will help in trading music rights. The music creators will get the power with the effective utilization of the zeptagram platform. The music rights are tokenized, and the tokens are traded on the music platform. If you are the genuine owner of the music, you will be able to sell songs shares to your music fans. Similarly, investors and traders will also be able to participate in the online trading system.

Smart contracts 

With zeptagram, music developers can create smart contracts. The contracts are traded on the platform. Music fans can purchase rights on individual tracks and albums. They will hear the quality music made by their favorite artists and trade music rights also. Online and offline piracy can be arrested with the active participation of music lovers on the platform.

Broadening platform 

Zeptagram can be considered as an evolving platform. The founders of the platform are adding new features to support the needs of all the participants. In the coming days, the platform will flourish like never before as zeptagram is consulting the big names in the music industry to directly participate in the online platform. The awareness about the online music trading exchange is increasing in the recent past with the widespread publicity made through newspapers, radio stations, and social media platforms.

Technology-driven platform 

Zeptagram is the result of blockchain technology. The music rights are tokenized, and they are shared with the buyers instantly. As the platform works on the distributed database, it is difficult to tamper or manipulate the system. Music lovers, music creators, and traders will make gains by efficiently using the zeptagram. Zeptagram is poised to play the most significant role in the music industry by augmenting new money sources for music creators and music fans.

If you are an ardent lover of music, you can register on zeptagram to explore the music industry’s latest and best opportunities.